About Us

Who are Peak Sensors?

A temperature sensor manufacturer and supplier of related temperature sensor equipment and components. We supply temperature-sensing solutions to companies and individuals all over the world in a wide variety of industries. You can find more information on the industries we supply or case studies of what we have achieved.

Temperature measurement and control

Our aim is to offer the best value temperature sensors available. We currently manufacture all types and designs of thermocouples and resistance thermometers. We can supply components for temperature sensors (such as thermocouple cable), production equipment (for example welders), and other temperature sensing devices (for instance infrared thermometers). More information on our products and services.

Peak Sensors History

In 1990 Peter Smith joined Heraeus Electronite (UK) Ltd as Production Manager of its sensor division. Fisher-Rosemount takeover the sensor division and form Heraeus Sensor (UK) Ltd in 1997. Peter Smith became UK operations manager of Heraeus Sensor.

In 1997 Fisher-Rosemount shuts down Heraeus Sensor (UK) Ltd. Peak Sensors Ltd is formed by Peter Smith and Shekhar Nagarkar, employing former Heraeus Sensor employees.

Peak Sensors continues to grow, moving into bigger premises multiple times and continually setting records for its best financial year.

Due to growth we moved in Feb 2008 to new premises to accommodate demand. This will enable us to meet the needs of our customers even more and continue our strong growth.

In November 2008 we celebrated ten years of successful trading.

Our management

Peter Smith MBA, BSc, AMIMech E

Peter is Managing and Technical Director. Peter has many years’ experience in the temperature measurement and control field and is personally active in analysing and solving clients problems. Prior to his current appointment he was General Manager of the Sensor Division in Heraeus Electro-Nite (UK) Ltd. Before joining Heraeus, Peter was involved in the design and development of high temperature furnaces at Carbolite Furnaces Limited.

Shekhar Nagarkar MSc. C.Eng.

Shekhar is Business Development Director. He has many years’ experience in a variety of manufacturing industries. He is also Director of World Class Manufacturing Solutions Limited.