Resistance Thermometers/Pt100 Sensors

Platinum Resistance Thermometer Manufacturer

Since 1997 we have been designing and manufacturing custom resistance thermometer assemblies in a wide variety of designs. We are solely focused on the manufacture of temperature sensors and have the ability to supply large volumes of bespoke Pt100 sensors for one off or repeating contracts.

What is a Resistance Thermometer?

A resistance thermometer is a type of temperature sensor. It consists of an element that uses resistance to measure temperature. Often platinum is used for the element which is the reason why they are often called platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs). Other common names include RTDs (short for resistance temperature detector) and depending on the element type Pt100, Pt200, Pt500 or Pt1000.

Pt100 sensors can then be protected in a number of ways and the temperature sensors designed to get the best measurement of your process.

Designs we manufacture include:

If you are unsure exactly what you need, get in touch and we can help identify your requirements.

Flexible Cable Resistance Thermometers

The construction of a cable resistance thermometer consists of a RTD element, often a Pt100 sensor, securely attached to a length of cable. Pt100 sensors can then be protected in a number of ways and designed to get the best measurement from your process. The maximum temperature for a cable RTD is determined by its insulation but there are high temperature options such as glass fibre if required.


Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometers

Mineral insulated resistance thermometers consists of an external metal sheath which protects the P100 element from damage and contamination. This outer sheath is insulated with magnesium oxide powder, tightly packed so no air is trapped inside. This not only gives great thermal conductivity but mineral insulated RTD sensor can be bent into a variety of shapes to suit your application.


Resistance Thermometer Inserts and Elements

Inserts are commonly used in pocket, thermowell or head assemblies. They are constructed with Pt100 sensors insulated and protected by mineral insulated powder, which is then packed inside a rigid metal tube. They are very similar to mineral insulated sensors but they cannot be bent to shape. As well as full temperature sensors we can supply basic rtd elements either uninsulated or insulated for further assembly into sheaths or equipment.