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Why convert resistance to temperature?

Resistance thermometers, also known as resistance temperature detectors or RTDs use resistance to measure temperature. As temperature changes so does the resistance of the RTD. There are number of different standard types of resistance thermometer that specify nominal resistance at 100 ohms. These types are:

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RTD TypeResistance in ohms (Ω) at 0°C

This calculator enables you to work out what the temperature should be at a certain resistance and what the resistance should be at a specified temperature.

RTD resistance in ohms to temperature converter

Convert a known RTD resistance into a temperature reading.


A {{ picked }} reading {{ resistance }} Ohms will be {{ temp }}

Temperature to RTD resistance in ohms converter

Convert a known temperature to RTD resistances.


A Pt100 reading {{ temperature }}°C will be {{ pt100_ohms }}

A Pt500 reading {{ temperature }}°C will be {{ pt500_ohms }}

A Pt1000 reading {{ temperature }}°C will be {{ pt1000_ohms }}


The calculator uses the coefficients as defined in IEC-60751.
Although this calculator has been tested and checked it is your responsibility to ensure the validity of all data.
Use for reference only.

Further support

If you would like further assistance with your RTD or are unsure of what resistance thermometer is the best option for your process, please contact us to discuss your requirements and our technical team will work with you and advise the appropriate solution.