Base Metal Thermocouple Assembly with Metal Sheath

This particular sensor design is commonly used in hot industrial environments as it has a high level of robustness.

Type Designation:BMM
Temperature Range: -200 to 1200 ° C depending on thermocouple sensor type
Common Sensor Types:K, J, N, T, E
Common Sheath Size :
Ø 6.0 to 26.7mm (3/4″ nominal bore)
Common Element Diameters:11 SWG, 16 SWG and Ø 6mm mineral insulated
Head options:ALA, KNE (IP65), HR AL BL (flip top), many others

Application Notes:

Often has adjustable flange or compression fitting
High temperature
Fast response
Will withstand tough industrial use

Special Options:

Special materials available on request
Wear and Chemical resistant coatings
Ceramic lining sheath
Sleeve can be formed into right angle
Hygienic designs
Process fittings
Reduced tip options
Pressure testing
Material Certificates

Appropriate Sheath Material:

MaterialMax Temperature
Kanthal AF, Kanthal APM1400° C
253 MA1150° C
446 Stainless Steel1100° C
310 Stainless Steel1100° C
Alloy 600 (Inconel)1100° C